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01 April 2021

What is Scoring? How to Fill It?

Emine Çelik Uzun
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What is Scoring? How to Fill It?

What is Scoring?

Payroll is an important tool used in calculating payments and deductions by recording the arrival and departure times of employees with their own wet signatures. When the employees come to the company to start work, they record the date of that day, the time of arrival in the section allocated to them and their arrival time by signing on the follow-up form. This is also true for after-business hours. Relevant records are regularly checked by the department in charge of the enterprise in the hierarchy of the enterprise and recorded in the employee's file.

Generally, the following information is included in the scoring records;

1. Entry and exit times to work

2. Leave, report and absence information,

3. Overtime

The payroll records, which are generally kept under control by the human resources department, can now be tracked software with today's technology. In this structure, which works in integration with the software used by the human resources department, it can be managed completely automatically without the need for signature, thanks to tools such as cards or biological signature (fingerprint, lens reader).

What is Scoring Schedule?

Scoring chart; It is the table where the information of the employee recorded in the payroll is followed. In the enterprises that have not made its technological transformation, it is followed with simple paper, pencil or Excel tables, and today it is converted into tables and reports by software. Various methods can be used to keep scoring records. These methods are;

1. Score Book

The oldest method used to keep payroll records is the payroll book. You can keep score records with the chart you have drawn in accordance with the data you want to record on simple paper and pencil. In the enterprises that use this method, the staff (tallyman) in charge of the payroll check records the arrival and departure times, attendance - absenteeism and overtime, if any, of each employee in this book. The sensitive issue to be considered here is that this process is done in accordance with the principle of fairness.

2. Electronic Card

While keeping payroll records, businesses may turn to different methods and techniques in accordance with the number of employees. Thanks to the electronic card system preferred by the enterprises with a high number of employees, all data can be recorded by having the card given to the employees without the need for a tallyman. These devices, which are generally located close to the personnel entrance door, provide easy management of the system by updating the records of that cardholder each time a card is swiped.

3. Fingerprint Scanning

One of the biological features that distinguish every human being is undoubtedly fingerprints. Keeping the payroll of the staff with personal fingerprint records is another method that has been used for a long time. As in the electronic card method, the records of the employee who read the fingerprint in the fingerprint reader, which is usually located at the entrance door, are automatically recorded in the system.

4. Face Recognition

Thanks to today's technology, face recognition systems are also developed. These systems, which use artificial intelligence technology, create and record the payroll records of the employee by comparing the photos recorded in the system with the image reflected on the camera.

How to Create Scoring Schedule?

While filling the scoring chart, a column is opened for each employee and his name and surname are written clearly. Entry and exit times, absent days, reports and leaves, and overtime, if any, included in the monthly payroll records are entered in the relevant places in this column. At the end of the month, the records on this chart are calculated one by one and the employee's progress payment is converted into wage payroll and the corresponding wage is paid to the employee.

You don't have to worry about scoring. Stafik human resources focused ERP software is a system that can work integrated and compatible with the payroll recording methods you choose, keeps all the payroll records exactly as they should, and can report them at any time. You can contact us at any time for more detailed information.