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01 July 2021

Performance Evaluation System

Barış Dur
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Performance Evaluation System

The performance appraisal system is the process of evaluating how effectively the employees fulfill their responsibilities and contributing to the achievement of corporate goals. The manager who wants to evaluate the performance effectively must first determine a certain expectation for the job, monitor the behavior and results of the employee, compare the behavior and result data obtained with the expectation, and finally measure the harmony between them.

Although the performance evaluation system is a difficult process, it is extremely important for the organization. In the light of the measured results, it contributes to determining the deficiencies of the personnel, planning their training and increasing the efficiency. The most preferred methods in the performance evaluation system are: target (kpi)-based performance evaluation and competency-based performance evaluation systems. The method to be chosen varies according to the company's field of activity.

The target-based performance evaluation system is suitable for companies that produce and carry out activities according to the amount of production. The targeted production amount is determined and personnel evaluation is made accordingly. Whether the objectives have been achieved or not, and if not, the factors causing this are determined.

In the competency-based performance evaluation system, the personal skills of the personnel and the skills they need to acquire are determined. In an environment where competition is heating up in every sense, companies can step forward when they include the personal skills of their employees in the process. For this reason, it has become important for the personnel to acquire personal skills and new skills.

What are the Objectives of the Performance Evaluation System?

Companies that want to compete and grow with their competitors should regularly apply to the personnel evaluation system. In this way, it will be easier for the company, which has become a constantly developing structure, to reach its goals. The purposes of the performance evaluation system can be listed in six items.

1- Tracking Strategic Goals

By determining the target that the company wants to reach from today to a certain date, it can be revealed with the performance evaluation system to what extent it has reached or failed to reach these targets.

2- Guiding the Management Function

If promotions and raises are made according to merit in companies, the sense of belonging within the company will increase significantly. In order for the management to make these decisions correctly, it is aimed to benefit from the performance evaluation system. After the correct analysis of the data revealed, the right personnel can be promoted and raised by the management.

3- Internal Communication

Feedback is the most important communication tool between management and staff. Since the performance evaluation system is a system built entirely on feedback, it undertakes the mission of communicating between management and employees.

4- Determining a Development Strategy

It is not possible to identify the aspects of an employee that need improvement without being subjected to any tests. Thanks to the performance evaluation system, it is possible to determine the abilities of the personnel that need to be developed and to determine development strategies accordingly.

5- Tracking the Development

By comparing the data obtained in each measurement made with the performance evaluation system with the previous measurement data, the areas where the personnel have improved can be followed.

6- Documentation for Future Planning

As we mentioned in the title of monitoring the progress, the data obtained should be kept for future reference. In this way, it is possible to evaluate people in terms of their development, as well as to develop new strategies and plan for the future.

Although the performance evaluation system may seem like a complex system, it has become much easier to implement thanks to today's technologies. Human resources-oriented software such as Stafik can be used with features such as providing feedback in digital environment, collecting data in an easily analysable form, and allowing for retrospective analysis by storing them easily for many years in digital environment. Stafik is a powerful and stable software designed only to meet the needs of the human resources department. You can contact us for more information.