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01 March 2021

Documents Required for Employment

Barış Dur
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Documents Required for Employment

Whether you are a white collar at the top of your career or a young graduate from university and just starting your career, you have to collect the necessary documents to complete the recruitment process and submit it to the relevant department when starting a new job. You can find detailed information about the job documents required during the recruitment process in our article, where you can find details about the job documents, which are an integral part of the recruitment process.

Business Documents

In every recruitment process, there are a number of official documents that we can call the business documents that the employee who is candidate for the job has to submit. Most of these documents are obtained from state institutions and are considered legal proof of employment between the employee and the employer. Generally, employers do not initiate the employment contract of the employee until the documents called work documents are delivered.

Where to Get Employment Documents?

In the past, collecting entry documents could sometimes have been a complete nightmare. Documents were requested by going to each institution separately, and by waiting a considerable time in the institution, these documents could only be accessed.

Today, we have an advanced system such as e-government. You can easily access most of the employment documents by logging into the e-government system thanks to the password you will receive from the PTT branches. Depending on the class of the job you will do, in some cases, there may be documents that you need to obtain from the health institution, such as a health report.

Documents Required for Employment

Although various additional documents can be requested according to the operating principles and the class of the work to be done, the documents that are required by law to be included in the personal file of each employee are determined. As we said at the beginning, if the enterprise wishes, it has the right to request additional documents and information.

1. ID Card Copy

The most basic of the documents required at the start of the job is of course the employee's identity card or a photocopy of the identity card. The point to be considered in photocopy is that all information and photograph of the person can be easily understood.

2. Population Registration Example

The Population Registration Sample, which can be easily obtained from any registry office or e-government system, is one of the documents required at the beginning of the job.

3. Graduation Certificate

The state also requires you to document the last educational institution you graduated from. In this context, it means that you can document whether you are trained in that subject in accordance with the class of the job you will do. If you have not physically received your diploma from the school you graduated from, you can also obtain a temporary graduation certificate from your school.

4. Health Report

Companies must request a medical report from the employee during the recruitment process. Although the so-called under-the-counter businesses do not pay much attention to this issue, corporate companies do not start their business without submitting a health report. Companies that start work without submitting a medical report face penalties. If you do not have a serious problem from your family doctor, you can get the health report in a few minutes.

5. Blood Type Card

In addition to being required by law, it is necessary to save your life in the injuries that may occur in the workplace. It prevents the loss of time by analyzing and determining your blood group in any injury and blood loss. If you already have a document showing your blood type, you can present it to the institution or request it from your family doctor while obtaining a health report.

6. Criminal and Criminal Record Record

Perhaps this document is the first step in establishing an atmosphere of trust between the employee and the employer. Every employer wants to know whether his / her staff has been involved in any crime in the past and has this right. Criminal and criminal record is one of the recruitment documents that can be easily obtained from the e-government system.

7. Passport Photo

Two passport photos of the employee taken in the last 6 months are also among the employment documents. Some businesses can also request biometric photos instead of passport photos.

8.Family Status Notification Form

Information such as the marital status of the employee, dependent children and other persons, if any, is submitted to the employer with a form filled in by the employee. This information enables the employee to benefit from supports such as the minimum living allowance provided by the state.

9.Military Status Certificate

A document indicating whether the employees of male gender did their military service and if not, when they will do so, is also requested by the employer. It is one of the entry documents that can be easily obtained from the e-government system.

10. Employment Agreement and Service Agreement

Contracts that guarantee mutual rights between the employee and the workplace. It is prepared by the workplace.

11. SSI Registration and Service Statement

It is one of the entry documents that must be included in the personal file. It can be easily obtained from the e-government system with barcode.