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30 September 2021

Performance Management of Remote Workers

Emine Çelik Uzun
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Performance Management of Remote Workers


Performance Management of Remote Workers

Performance management is the measurement of success in reaching the determined targets and even when employees are under the same roof, it is a challenging and dynamic process, while performance management of remote employees means trying different approaches and evaluation types for HR departments.
Moving from a traditional performance management system to remote performance management requires extensive coordination and collaboration between HR and operations to ensure minimal impact on employee productivity.

Due to the nature of remote work, a complete lack of coordination between managers and employees always remains a risk factor. Coordination deficiencies are one of the main factors that negatively affect performance, regardless of working conditions. However, in the performance management of remote workers, both managers and HR personnel need to develop new skills and be able to answer the following four questions before performance evaluation:

1- How can you evaluate a person you have never met?
2- How to collaborate and communicate with someone who works remotely?
3- How can it be ensured that the employees continue their work without any problems?
4- How is it determined that the employees are periodically burnt out or in a position to continue?

For managers and HR personnel who can answer these four questions correctly, it will be much easier to get successful results and adopt new approaches in the performance management of remote employees.
In addition to all these, there are certain principles to be followed in remote performance management. To put it briefly;
Identify different needs in remote employee performance management: Be clear about the criteria you consider in your evaluation, as there are clear differences between traditional performance management and remote employee performance management.

Set clear goals and expectations that you have set at the beginning: Unlike working under a corporate umbrella, it is difficult for remote workers to understand their assigned role. For this reason, accurately convey your goals and expectations and the responsibilities you impose on people in achieving these goals.

Track success in achieving goals: After setting goals and sharing them with employees, it's important to track how successful they are in reaching those goals.

Instill confidence in your employees: HR and managers need to trust their teams and not go overboard with their pressure and control practices. Positive effects should be created to trigger more flexibility and motivation to work for the personnel who fulfill their responsibilities.

Get support from technology: Today, it is possible to find technology support for HR departments to properly manage both in-house and remote working systems. Stafik offers many tools for performance measurement for the human resources department.

Remember that performance is variable: Performance increases with the harmony of the personal characteristics of the employee and the goals and responsibilities defined for him. It is vital for the HR department to define the responsibilities to be given to the employee with this criterion in mind.

The Importance of Basic Principles in Performance Management of Remote Workers

In performance management, both the HR department and the company managers have a great job. It is necessary to determine different approaches depending on the basic principles, to revise the performance criteria according to the realities of the day and to limit the expectations accordingly. Companies that correctly blend foresighted and rational approaches with basic principles always have the chance to stay one step ahead. For this reason, among the criteria that determine your approach to the subject; It is useful to add the existence of differences, the effects of the new reality on people, the status of your goals at the micro and macro scale, and of course the employee experience.

Performance management of remote workers can be carried out much more easily with technology support. If you haven't met Stafik, which was specially designed for the HR department, you are one step behind in performance management and other issues.