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26 April 2021

Shift System

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
Shift System

Imagine an order where workers start work at sunrise and work until nightfall, and often where their labor is not paid off. Sounds like a little unfair, doesn't it? Shift is an application that has emerged to prevent this irregularity and briefly means the regulation of working times.

Before the development of this system, which foresees different human populations to work in consecutive time zones in different time zones, that is, before 1860, human resources were regarded as a source of productivity. Again during this period, while workers were compelled to work to the fullest of their powers, there were no laws similar to today's laws protecting their rights.

In the industrial revolution that emerged with the use of steam power in the machinery industry and the aftermath, the shift system emerged as an efficient, regular and equitable working model, and although they were skeptical at first by the states, over time, workers' working hours were guaranteed by law.

Shift System in Turkey

In our country, there are laws prepared to guarantee the rights of employees. The employer is obliged to adjust the shift times of the employees within the limits determined by the laws. In the Labor Law numbered 4857, the weekly normal working time is 45 hours, for each hour of work exceeding 45 hours, the worker should be paid an overtime wage that is one and a half times the normal hourly wage, the total overtime work in a year cannot be more than 270 hours, weekly 45 It has been stated that the worker who completes the hourly working time must be given a minimum of 24-hour weekly leave, so the worker cannot be employed more than 6 days a week, and that the worker cannot be worked more than 11 hours a day and 7.5 hours a night except for exceptional jobs / workplaces.

However, it is possible to encounter some problems in practice. Undoubtedly, the most striking of these is the use of charts prepared for employees as wall decorations. The shift charts, which must be prepared and signed by the employer as an official document, are not duly prepared and employees are not notified on time.

What is Shift Management?

Shift management is the situation where employees' working hours are arranged with a schedule. While preparing these charts prepared by using different approaches, mathematical models, heuristic algorithms and sometimes both are used.

Sectors that need particularly intensive shift management are as follows:

  1. Industry

  2. Merchandising and Retail

  3. Tourism and Hospitality

  4. Hospital

  5. Transportation

  6. Call Centers

  7. Security services

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Every workplace is obliged to ensure the legal rights of its employees. Many processes that need to be carefully controlled such as working days and periods, leave dates, SSI and similar rights should be managed by human resources. In shift management, which is the subject of our article, you do not need to spend your time to create a schedule with Stafik, which makes use of various models in the creation of shift charts. Thanks to performance analysis tools, it also allows you to make shift arrangements suitable for the performance of your employees. You can contact us at any time to learn about the privileges you will have with Stafik and to benefit from these privileges.