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30 July 2021

Business Design

Barış Dur
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Business Design

What is Business Design?

Job design is the process of reshaping the definitions of existing jobs, responsibilities, training and similar elements within the organization. In this process, managed by the human resources department, current jobs should be met with appropriate manpower as a result of the realities of the day, and it should be continued in a way that increases the motivation of the manpower.

How Business Design Works

It is necessary to create a framework in order to correctly design the work. The generally accepted framework for completing the design is the business specification framework. In this context, it was thought that every job should have five basic features in order to motivate employees.

1- Talent Variety

It is to reveal what kind of skills the job to be done can be met. It is thought that as the number of talents increases, the degree of difficulty of the job also increases, and accordingly, the degree of competence should also change.

2- Task ID

It is about whether the work done is done by the responsible person from start to finish. For example, while the person working on the production line is only responsible for a part of the work, those who produce white goods as a team produce the current product from start to finish.

3- Mission Importance

This concept is related to how much the work put forward can touch the lives of others.

4- Autonomy

This feature means the individual freedom of the employee. Employees who are able to take initiative while doing a job feel more responsible.

5- Feedback

The last feature, feedback, is about the employee confirming the results of his work with the information he receives from the work itself.

Job design gives more accurate results for jobs that have these five characteristics. Thanks to the job design models that are revealed by searching for these five characteristics, the motivation of the employees increases and positive results such as belonging, responsibility, low absenteeism and leaving the job are achieved.

Business Design Strategies

Four basic job design strategies are used to increase the potential of a job using job design. These are;

1- Job Rotation

Employees taking on different responsibilities at different times in the organization is called job rotation. The purpose here is; It is the employee's learning by experiencing different departments within the company, revealing their talents and undertaking jobs suitable for their potential.

2- Job Growth

In this concept, which is also called horizontal expansion, the aim is to add new duties and responsibilities to the existing duties and responsibilities in accordance with the responsibilities and skill level of the employee.

3- Job Expansion

In this strategy, it is ensured that the skills required to perform the task assigned to the employee are increased. In this way, the job is more interesting for the employee and brings with it the obligation to acquire new skills.

4- Job Enrichment

These are the interventions that will enable employees and managers to take more responsibility to increase their job satisfaction and productivity, as well as to enable them to find personal success and development opportunities. In this strategy, the entire responsibility of a job is given to the employee and it is ensured that he/she uses his/her own initiative according to the feedback.

5- Job Simplification

Business simplification, an important strategy for sustainability, is by definition the opposite of business expansion. In cases where the work becomes unmanageable over time, it is to enter a process that is more business-oriented and where the required skills are less.

How HR Professionals Benefit from Job Design

Human resources specialists have to make the best use of manpower in a workplace. This is possible with the fulfillment of the work to be done, as well as the ability of the employees who do the work to enjoy their work, to be motivated and to develop the skills necessary to do the job better.

When a job description is made by HR experts in accordance with the features and strategies we mentioned, this allows employees to be more determined, motivated and possessive in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

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