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17 May 2021

Strategic Human Resources Management

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
Strategic Human Resources Management

When the term human resources emerged and was integrated into businesses as a unit, the purpose of this department consisted of hiring people, ensuring employee benefits and terminating employment when necessary. As a result of the changes in technology, business science and people themselves, there have been changes in both the scope and approach of this department. As a product of this change, strategic human resources management has emerged as an approach that takes the performance criterion at its center, but acts as a bridge between strategies, goals and targets while doing this. It causes human resources management to take on a structure that deals with the entire time spent by the employee not only in recruitment and similar processes, but also in the working process.

Unlike the traditional approach, strategic human resource management develops new systems to increase the performance of the entire organization, and these systems bring the following benefits to the business:

1- Results related to human resources: Developing the belonging of employees in order to prevent events such as insufficient turnover, absenteeism, lack of job satisfaction,

2- Organizational results: To ensure that all employees are united around the goals of high efficiency, quality, service and high customer satisfaction,

3- Financial results: Higher profits of the business, increased sales, returns on investments and assets,

4- Capital market results: Increase in market share, ensuring financial growth,

Strategic Human Resources Stages

The process in strategic human resources management is carried out in 4 main stages. These stages are:

1- The human resources management and strategic planning group try to gain a place in the organization independently of each other.

2- Efforts are made to develop the ties between the human resources management and the strategic planning group,

3- At this stage, the ties between the human resources management and the strategic planning group begin to strengthen. At this stage, the strategies and studies put forward by the strategic planning group are also supported by the human resources management.

4- Strategic human resources management begins to develop the organization's reflexes against events, which increases the organization's competence in the face of events. Since the changes in the organizational structure and environment require the organization to adapt to this situation, human resources management actively contributes to the adaptation period.

Purpose of Strategic Human Resources Management

1- Gaining competitive power to the organization,

2- Increasing the performance within the organization,

3- Ensuring that management is integrated into the needs and strategic plans of the business,

4- Establishing a staff with advanced skills by making the right decisions in the recruitment process, creating more talented, flexible and smart businesses than competitors by developing the established staff with in-service training,

5- To make it a strategic power by employing highly motivated employees with the appropriate skills for service, with a developed sense of belonging.

What are the Basic Features of Strategic Human Resources Management?

1- Focuses on the improvement of performance within the organization as a whole, not individually,

2- He tries to solve the problems he encounters by using human resources systems,

3- Monitors the company's internal resources and external developments accurately,

4- Tries to understand the attitudes, behaviors and values ​​of the employees,

5- All functions are evaluated with the strategies of the business and a holistic approach,

6- Emphasizes the need for both managers and employees to act jointly before the distance between managers and employees is widened.

Strategic Human Resources Management Advantages

Strategic human resources management allows to stand out from the competition by raising the skills and competencies of the employees within the company. It is a fact that the success of businesses is the correct management of human resources and giving more value to people. Showing sensitivity to meeting the needs of the employees also supports the company's goals.

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