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15 November 2021

Time Management

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
Time Management


Time management is a problem that has gained more importance due to the new working models that have entered our lives, especially due to the epidemic, and has become the most important of the planning made by HR. The increase in the possibility of supervising people, especially in the remote working model, has become a binding factor in time management. In this article, we will have the opportunity to examine the handicaps faced by the human resources department while referring to the issue of time management.

What is Time Management?

For each employee, it has a cycle of working certain hours of the day, socializing certain hours and resting the rest of the day. The correct planning of these periods and acting in accordance with this plan is called time management. One of the most important factors that increase one's productivity is undoubtedly the correct planning and implementation of time management. For example, when the employee does not comply with the optimum time for rest, his productivity can be significantly reduced the next working day. At the same time, it is necessary to implement time management correctly in order to fulfill duties and responsibilities on time and in place.

The Importance of Time Management for the HR Department

As we all know, the HR department is a unit that deals with all employees working in the company, creates the connection point between employees and management, and manages many processes from hiring to firing. In this context, time management concerns the human resources department and HR experts working within the department rather than all employees. Below, we have included little tips that will help HR professionals in time management. These:

1- Set a Destination: Going on a journey without knowing the destination will simply cause you to get lost on the road. In cases where the goals are clearly determined, the person can develop plans and strategies to reach that goal, and with the right time management, he can do what needs to be done to reach this goal at the right place and time.

2- Set Priority: Performing time management for each task and performing the priority tasks before the others will be an important step for an effective time management.

3- Make a Time Distribution: A realistic time distribution is essential for the realization of the determined targets. It should be expected that there is a time required for the realization of every job to be done, that this time is calculated correctly and that an appropriate time management is carried out from the employee.

4- Organize: As a result of the assignment, the employee who takes responsibility should have easy access to the resources he needs. Time management will be very difficult for an employee who has difficulty in accessing resources, and the time he spends accessing resources is a candidate to be the main factor that interrupts time management.

5- Group Work: You should divide the process into certain parts and make different assignments within the team in order for the process to progress faster or not to be under more workload than the person can perform.

6- Get Rid of Redundancies: Getting rid of the details that are defined as "chore" among the people while fulfilling responsibilities allows you to make time management more effective.

7- Get Away from Stress: One of the contributions of time management is to remove stress from the working environment. Thanks to the right time management, employees are not exposed to negativities such as stress while fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

8- Plan: In order to achieve your goals, you should plan at the very beginning of the process. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article; Every move made towards the goal must be within a certain plan and strategy. Otherwise, you will not know how to deal with the problems you will encounter on the way and you will have difficulty in reaching the goal.

At the end of this article, which includes information and tips on time management, we would like to talk about an advanced tool that can be supported by the HR department in time management. Stafik is Turkey's first and only HR focused ERP software designed with all the needs of the HR department in mind.