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18 February 2021

What is a Personal File? How to Prepare?

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
What is a Personal File? How to Prepare?

Although it is known as the documents required at the beginning of the job for someone who does not know the personal file at all, the truth is much different. Although the basis is the documents requested by the employer just before the start of the employment contract, the personal file is a very important file containing much more than this. All these documents, which are seen as a step in the formalization of the relationship between the employer and the employee, are legally binding for both parties.

However, in the Labor Law No. 857, Article 75, "The employer arranges a personal file for each employee he employs. In this file, the employer is obliged to keep all kinds of documents and records that the employee is obliged to arrange in accordance with this Law and other laws, as well as the identity information of the worker, and show them to authorized officials and authorities when requested. The employer is obliged to use the information obtained about the employee in accordance with the rules of honesty and law and not to disclose the information that the worker has a justified interest in keeping it confidential. "

What are the Principles of Personal File Preparation?

Although there is no regulation in the labor law and other relevant laws and regulations regarding the preparation of personal files, the labor law states that “In this file, the employer should keep all kinds of documents and records that he has to arrange in accordance with this Law and other laws and must show the time to authorized officials and authorities. " There is an expression in the form. In accordance with this article, it is clearly stated that the employer is obliged to keep his personal file complete and up-to-date.

In order to keep all official documents, correspondence, health reports and other documents transmitted by the employee to the employer, ready-made solutions can be found in stationery stores, as well as these documents can be stored in ordinary files, and the manner in which the personal files are stored varies according to the company.

The convenience that technology brings to our lives in every field is of course also valid for human resources departments. The processes in which all documents are analyzed one by one, divided into folders and stored are now more flexible. Every printed document received can be digitalized by means of a scanner and stored in a certain order by human resources software.

Which Documents Should Be in the Personal File?

The documents that should be included in the personal file are as follows.

1. Photocopy of identity card
2. Population registration copy
3. Certificate of Residence
4. Health report
5. Diploma photocopy
6. Criminal record record
7.2 passport size photos
8.Family status document
9.Military status certificate
10. Employment Contract / Service Contract
11. SSI recruitment declaration

Various additions can be made according to the employee's area of ​​responsibility.

According to the qualification of the worker;

1. Parental consent of employees under the age of 18,
2. If the foreign worker is the original work permit document
3. Document showing the incentive benefited, if any
4. If disabled, Disability Report or a certified copy
5. If the disabled benefit from the discount, the document received from the Revenue Administration in this direction
6. If the ex-convict is disabled or victim of terrorism, İŞKUR registration document.

According to the nature of the work;

1. Periodic health control reports to be done according to the nature of the work
2. Reports of the examinations made according to the nature of the job
3.A photocopy of the worker driver's license in the works where the vehicle is used
4. Debit tools, device embezzlement form
5. Personnel information form for heavy and high level of danger works
6. The document obtaining the approval of the worker for overtime and overtime work.
7. Work schedule prepared for changing working days, hours and shifts

As long as the worker continues to work;

1. Annual leave form
2. Permission forms created for unpaid leave, excuse leave and other leaves
3.Maternity leave, unpaid leave after birth, petitions for breastfeeding
4. Incapacity and rest reports
5. Work accident report
6. Record, written defense request letter, worker defense, warnings given to the worker, incident report
7. Wage deduction penalty and justified document
8.Official correspondence with the worker
9.Signed payroll or wage slips
10. Salary increase, promotion letter, transfer notification, assignment letters, document showing the change of duty and title
11. Document showing the consent of the worker in case of temporary workplace change
12. Documents showing occupational health and safety training and explaining legal rights and responsibilities in this regard

In case the employee leaves work;

1. Resignation petition
2. Termination notice
3. Release
4. SSI withdrawal declaration
5. Notice
6. Service certificate
7.Severance pay and notice pays
8.Document proving the justified termination reason, if any.
9. Notifications and warnings made to the employee with a notary public