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08 February 2021

Human Resources Management

Barış Dur
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Human Resources Management

What is Human Resources Management?

Human resources management is the unit that manages various work and processes such as recruiting manpower to work within the company, organizing various trainings to increase the performance and productivity of employees, performing performance evaluations, conducting various studies to protect the rights of employees, and rewarding / punishing them. With the evolution of business science in recent years, human resources management has become more and more important.

What Are the Activities Carried Out in Human Resources Management?

Human resources management assumes four main responsibilities and many other duties and responsibilities under these responsibilities. Perhaps the most important of these responsibilities is to employ, of course. It has an important and strategic mission of determining the suitable candidate among the suitable candidates and employing them. The adaptation, development and periodic performance evaluations of the individuals employed afterwards are also the responsibility of this unit. Now, let's examine the responsibilities of the human resources department in human resources management in more depth.

1. Employment

As we mentioned before, the primary responsibility of the human resources unit is to identify and employ the right personnel. The primary field of activity of this unit is to identify and employ individuals who are capable of meeting the company's principles and standards, who are competent in the subject, through various examinations and interviews, to ensure the business to achieve its goals. While planning the employment process, first of all the job description should be made. After the definition is made exactly, the qualities and expectations that should be in the manpower to perform that job properly should be determined. Then work on these two basic definitions and choose the most appropriate definition among the candidates.

2. Legal Processes

Human resources management also undertakes an important mission to ensure the legal rights of the employed personnel and to monitor them continuously. It is the duty of the human resources department to fulfill many legal responsibilities such as organizing personal files, preparing payrolls, determining and notifying employees 'weekly and annual leaves, monitoring the absenteeism of the employees and taking precautions by adhering to the workers' rights regulated by various laws in our country. Companies that do not fulfill their legal responsibilities face very serious sanctions and penalties.

3. Training and Development

Each company has its own internal dynamics that differentiate it from the other. When you examine different companies producing the same product, it is possible to find many differences from their working styles to production lines, from types of raw materials to their products. Moreover, when we consider the standards and principles of each company, the differences become even more. For this reason, all the employed manpower is subjected to orientation for a certain period of time and it is tried to be developed with various trainings from time to time. Management of these continuous training and development processes is also the subject of human resources management.

4. Rewards and Penalties

Undoubtedly, the easiest and fastest way to motivate people who come together for a certain gain is to promise a specific goal and a reward when this goal is achieved. Human resources management tries to increase the performance of employees by setting various goals in this context. As the performances of motivated individuals increase, the efficiency they provide to the business also increases. Likewise, the periodic performances of individuals are constantly examined by the human resources unit. These examinations are carried out according to various metrics and for example, it is aimed to identify people who cannot reach a target for several months in a row and to motivate them with various penalties or to increase their performance by participating in trainings.