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03 May 2021

Human Resources

Emine Çelik Uzun
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Human Resources

What is Human Resources?

Human resources is a discipline that ensures the supply, efficient use and development of the workforce by making use of many different approaches. Human resources, which entered our lives as a part of contemporary management approaches, aims to increase productivity by putting people at the center of the process.

The ability of businesses to gain competitive advantage and realize their strategic goals depends on their having an effective manpower.

This power is human capital, which is an element of the intellectual capital of enterprises. Human capital is the total value of the knowledge, skills, abilities, capacities, experiences and motivations that all employees of a business bring to the business and subsequently develop.

This value is in economic sense. Undoubtedly, besides human capital, social capital also plays a role in the effectiveness of the power we have mentioned. Social capital is closely related to human capital and reflects the value of informal coordination, cooperation, communication and innovation among individuals, in other words, trusting relationships.

Human Resources provides a sustainable competitive power by supporting and developing the human capital and social capital in the business. The effective management of human resources, which is so important for businesses, is provided by "human resources", which was developed in the early 1980s and revealed a new way of thinking. With policies and practices such as selective behavior in the recruitment of employees created within the scope of human resources activities, comprehensive training, situational compensation, performance evaluation, the knowledge, skills and abilities of a company's current and future employees can be improved, their motivations can be increased, those who do not fulfill their responsibilities can be reduced and qualified employees can be employed stays can be achieved.

What are Human Resources Duties?

Every individual who does not examine the subject in detail will answer "Recruitment" when you ask what the duties of human resources are. Although it may seem like the right answer in a way, it would be to underestimate the duties attributed to human resources. This unit, which performs tasks such as employee relations, payroll and personnel affairs, performance evaluation and training, also carries out very specific tasks that start with the recruitment process and ensure the development of employees, and implement the reward and punishment system.

The daily routine of a staff member in the human resources department is as follows:

  1. To hold meetings with department managers or the owner of the business, depending on the size of the business, in order to define the job descriptions of the employees and new hires,

  2. Checking the professional data of the applicant candidates,

  3. Checking the accuracy of the candidates' past experiences and references,

  4. Notifying the applicant of the positive or negative application results

  5. Generating a report

What are the Duties of a Human Resources Manager?

  1. Creating a plan to achieve company goals and working to improve the workforce to support this plan,

  2. Contributing to the solution of problems by mediating between the levels of authority within the company,

  3. To make studies and regulations in order to ensure that labor laws, universal principles and company policies are parallel,

  4. Organizing trainings in order to prevent psychological and traumatological events that may occur within the company,

  5. To supervise the recruitment and dismissal processes performed by human resources experts and to conclude the process negatively when deemed necessary,

  6. To ensure that the internal reward-punishment system is implemented correctly.

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