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15 July 2021

Payroll Program

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
Payroll Program

What is Payroll Program?

The payroll program is a program that automatically calculates the payments to be made by the companies to their employees, regardless of their scale, thus saving the human resources and accounting departments from a significant workload. While the payroll preparation process may seem simple, it can become very complex in some cases. As a result of factors such as branched companies, the large number of employees, and the variability of individual-based working hours, the calculation of payments, social security premiums and taxes such as withholding is a long and laborious process without software support.

What is done with the Payroll Program?

Without payroll program support, preparing payrolls becomes an error-prone and lengthy process. The purpose of companies using this program is to prepare payrolls in the fastest and most accurate way, and to use the workforce they will have to allocate in this area in different areas. What can be done with the payroll program;

1- By digitizing the records before using the software, it enables you to make your retrospective transactions faster and error-free,

2- Allows you to monitor responsibilities such as all progress payments, leave days and taxes to be paid on a monthly basis,

3- Calculates the rates and amounts valid in the payroll accurately and in a very short time,

4- Facilitates the follow-up organization of different departments within the company,

5- Provides the opportunity to follow the monthly entry and exit of the employees,

6- Thanks to the payroll program, it allows you to access the personnel file and personal information in a digital environment in a very short time when necessary,

7- You can quickly find the records you need in the past with a short search.

Why Use Payroll Program?

Considering the difficulty and complexity of mathematical operations, it is very likely to encounter errors in a situation where calculations based on many different factors such as payroll are made. Calculations can become inextricable due to salary differences between personnel and the variability of premiums and taxes paid accordingly. When you use the payroll program, you define the premium and tax rates to the system once. From this point on, the system automatically prepares the payroll with zero errors on the day and time you want and presents it to your service.

There may be cases where the personnel has to document their earnings periodically. In such cases, he will request the payroll from the human resources department. Thanks to the payroll program, the earnings of the personnel can be printed out instantly with all the details and delivered to the personnel. This will both increase the trust of the personnel in the company and save unnecessary time loss.

Companies are obliged to regularly prepare payrolls every month. In cases where the payroll program is not used, these documents should be stored retrospectively through paper printouts. Outputs must be stored in a certain order, which creates unnecessary space usage. Thanks to the payroll program, all data will be stored digitally, so you do not need to use unnecessary storage space and waste paper.

Payroll Program with Stafik

It is possible to find many applications that serve in the field of human resources. Most of these applications either have cumbersome structures that allow centralized management or do not have modules and services to meet all the needs of the human resources department. In this context, finding the right human resources software is vital. Stafik, as Turkey's only human resources focused ERP software, is a complete solution designed with all the needs of the human resources department in mind. It provides services with the modules that the human resources department constantly needs, such as tracking personnel rights, storing personnel data, evaluation and analysis, accounting, website and project task management. If you are looking for a payroll program, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the services offered by Stafik.