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01 June 2021

Staff Management

Barış Dur
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Staff Management

Personnel management means the management of all relevant processes from the moment of recruitment of suitable personnel throughout their employment. In the past, all personnel-related jobs were seen under the title of Human resources management, but today the human resources department is divided into sub-branches and personnel management is one of the most important of these sub-branches.

What is Personnel Management?

Personnel management, which has an important place in business management, is the process of recruiting and managing employees who perform the work and duties determined in the business organization. Personnel management, one of the sub-branches of human resources, undertakes the tasks of managing all processes in the most efficient way, starting with the selection of the right people for the determined tasks, planning the workforce, developing and evaluating the existing workforce, and providing a safe, healthy and valuable working environment for the employees. Some of his additional duties are:

• Complete social security institution entries after recruitment,

• Making system entries of newly recruited employees,

• Development and evaluation of personnel,

• Protection of personnel health and safety,

• Calculation of legal payments to be paid to the state,

• Calculating employee payrolls and sending payment instructions to the relevant bank,

• Creating data on working hours and budgets,

• Providing foreign exit documents for employees.

Differences Between Personnel Management and Human Resources Management

Before explaining the differences between personnel management and human resources management, it is useful to remember the definition of human resources management. Human resource management is the systematic methods and processes applied for recruitment, finding efficient human resources and efficient use of existing human resources in enterprises. Since we have made both definitions so far, we can begin to explain the main differences between the two definitions.

The main differences between personnel management and Human resource management lie in scope and orientation. Personnel management tends to a more limited area and sees employees as tools. Here, the behavior of the employee can be managed in accordance with the core competencies of the organization and the employee can be changed when necessary.

Human resource management, on the other hand, has a broader scope. The business sees its employees as assets of the business and focuses on managing the process with new goals, responsibilities and rewards to improve employee performance.

In the past, when human resource management was not common, employee recruitment and payroll were handled by personnel management. Although human resources management emerged as a sub-extension of personnel management in the beginning, today this situation has become the opposite.

Comparison of Personnel Management and Human Resources Management

Personnel Management

 Human Resources Management

Being business oriented Being people oriented
Operational activity Consulting activity (strategic partner)
Patterns and norms Mission and value
Its structure is static  Its structure is dynamic
People: the cost element Human: an important input
Recording system Search for resources
Person working at work Person leading the business
Classic management Total quality management
Business planning Strategic planning


Today, at the point reached in human resources, the differences between the two approaches are clearly evident. There is human in the center of both, but it is possible to find differences and similarities between their approaches to humans.

Importance of Human Resources Software

The human resources department, together with its sub-units, should carry out important tasks such as closely following the workforce in the enterprise, fulfilling the work and transactions of the employees, planning subjects such as motivation, rewarding, punishment, performance improvement and training in the light of the available data. While carrying out these tasks, human resources software has taken the place of painful processes such as monitoring and recording each process with pure human power, thanks to today's technology.

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