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15 September 2021

Short Term Working Allowance

Emine Çelik Uzun
| Blog
Short Term Working Allowance


Short-time working allowance is a type of support given to businesses by the state due to the covid-19 epidemic, which has turned both social and economic life upside down since 2019, when it affected our country and the world. In this article, what is the short-time working allowance organized by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Security and how to benefit from this support? We will try to explain the issue.

What is Short Working Allowance?

According to the definition made by İŞKUR, short-time working allowance; In the event that the weekly working hours in the workplace are temporarily reduced by at least one third due to economic, sectoral, regional crisis or compelling reasons, or the activity in the workplace is stopped completely or partially for at least four weeks without seeking the condition of continuity, it provides income support to the insured for a period not exceeding three months in the workplace. it is an application.

In order to apply for the Short Working Allowance;

  1. Short Work Request Form is filled.
  2. The Short-Time Worker List is filled.
  3. It is sent to your İŞKUR representative via e-mail.
  4. If there is an İŞKUR representative, they will notify you of your shortcomings via e-mail or telephone.

Short Working Allowance Prerequisites

1- Companies that will apply for short-time working allowance should not include retirees in the list of workers attached to the application form,
2- İŞKUR will examine whether the employees are entitled to short-time working allowance and whether they have been insured for 450 days in the last 3 years, as well as the last 60 days under the name of compliance audit, and the payment will be made after this control.
3- The employee is not required to be working in the same workplace during the last 60 days of work,
4- The address / telephone information of each employee in the worker notification list must be reported completely.
5- External reason / COVID-19 should be selected in the reason part of the forms filled during the application.
6- If your workplace has decided not to work due to COVID-19 and is closed, it is required to submit a board of directors decision (employer letter for individual companies), an institution letter if it is closed with a prohibition decision, and in addition to these, a tax plate, worker list and request form.
7- If the company applying for short-time working allowance has branches, each branch must apply to the İŞKUR branch of the district to which it is affiliated,
8- SSI and Tax debts of the employer do not prevent benefiting from the short-time working allowance.
9- In the order of applications, priority will be given to businesses closed by the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and there are no workplace and sector restrictions.
10- There must not be any work contrary to the declaration in the enterprise applying for short-time working allowance.
11- With the decision of the İŞKUR Board of Directors, the employees of the enterprises whose applications for short-time working allowance have been completed will be paid 60% of their daily average, taking into account their gross earnings for the last 12 months. In the calculation made in this way, the upper limit cannot exceed 150% of the gross minimum wage.
12- Employees of enterprises benefiting from short-time working allowance are paid via PTT on the 5th of each month. Only the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services is authorized to make changes in the payment date.
13- During the short-time working allowance, SSI Monthly Premium and Service Certificate and the reason for missing days “18-Short-Working Allowance” notification is made on behalf of the workers.
14- Short working period is limited to 3 months.
15- In case of an application for short-time working allowance as a result of compelling reasons, the payments are started one week later in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 (III) and Article 40 of the Law No. 4857. It is the employer's responsibility to meet the one-week period in between.

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